Transforming your vision and ideas into stunning experience

Studio that develops no- and low-code solutions to offer fast and high-quality service to meet your needs

Transforming your vision and ideas into stunning experience

Our studio excels in crafting web and mobile solutions, providing creative design, and delivering digital success

We are a human-oriented software development company

We care your customers' needs are met while you have a great project-flow experience with us — from investigation and development to post-release support



First on-demand network of rockets to transport cargo from the Earth to the Moon


Top-1 power bank sharing service in the UAE

Spend with Ukraine

Non-profit organization with a list of 220+ Ukrainian-rooted businesses


Private crypto business community with 100k members



Maintain, update, and continuously optimize your Webflow site. And if you don't have one yet, we'll create an impactful design and immersive experience for your new website.

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We take advantage of the speed and lower costs of using no-code platforms and add some magic to it using programming scripts.

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And if you need a personalized solution with a special user experience, we will create a complex solution for your needs.

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Maintain, update, and continuously optimize your no/low-code product.

What You’ll get:

Design, Dev, Tech SEO, Animation

Flexible payment

Pause or cancel anytime

90 hours monthly

15h bonus

Discovery phase

$ 3,5k /mo
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Migration, development, design or an end-to-end solution with strategy.

What You’ll get:

Design, Dev, Tech SEO, Animation

All from the lower plan

Meet your KPIs faster

180 hours monthly

20h bonus

Guaranteed SoW deliverables

$ 5k /mo
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Complex low-code solution

Mobile application development, Ecommerce, online store, CMS.

What You’ll get:

Web and mobile development

All from other plans

Wireframes and design

Ongoing improvements

Quality Assurance Process

$ 7,5k /mo
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Custom Plan
for your needs

Describe your request and we will prepare a personalized offer for you

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We believe every cooperation should be enjoyable for both parties, which is why we offer additional benefits


We take responsibility for all technical side of the product

We specialize in no- and low-code solutions, but also have expertise in developing advanced solutions. That's why we can always advise and implement your requests.


You can rely on us during development and you will be satisfied

We do everything, starting with an expert discovery session, creating wireframes and design, developing the product, conducting quality assurance, and celebrating the launch with you.

Dev and startup

We support your ideas, so we're committed to their realization

We have experience of 300+ completed projects. Therefore, we will provide you with advice on product design, development, and launch. We will also offer you useful connections for cooperation.

Ten years of launch experience

NovaFlow Studio is a part of Empat, a software company that specializes in the implementation of ideas of various scales: from startups enterprises, SMEs, and NGOs

We have spun off our no- and low-code expertise into a separate studio, as we saw a niche among our clients in startups, businesses, and NGOs that have a request for small web and mobile systems development

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